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The steel plate rolling mill housing

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Cast steel is more durable and easy to process, so it is widely used. Due to the high strength of the cast steel, the cast steel product cast steel product is used for a longer period of time than the cast iron product under the same conditions. At the same time, cast steel also has anti-corrosion effect, and the performance of the material is relatively stable and reliable, so it can meet the needs of modern applications.

When making a rolling mill housing, it is necessary to formulate a suitable process according to the properties of the raw materials. When the molten steel is processed, its fluidity is not very good which will effect the wall thickness. If the wall thickness is not enough, it will easily cause quality problems in the process of use, and it can also affect the actual application effect of the product. When processing the four-column housing of the rolling mill used in the metallurgical industry, we strictly control the wall thickness and the processing temperature. If the temperature is too high, the raw material will crystallize, which directly affects The quality of the product. Thus, it is very important that the processing method is appropriate or not.

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