///The spray beam for Irreversible Aluminium Cold Rolling Mill

The spray beam for Irreversible Aluminium Cold Rolling Mill

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The spray beam can effectively control the local thermal convexity displayed on the work roll during the rolling process, so that the local plate shape of the strip can be better controlled. According to the measurement area of the plate-shaped roller along the strip width direction, nozzles in different areas are selectively used, which improves the local temperature rise and the strip extension is corrected.

Roll cooling plays a very important role in flatness control. From experience, it can reach more than 90% of the flatness control of the plate shape. Especially in the production of tape and foil, it can reach more than 95%.

The roll spray system has two functions:

Cool the rolls to obtain satisfactory product flatness

Provide lubrication for rolling process and improve surface finish


A high-speed switch quantity control mode is adopted to control the injection quantity of process lubricating oil through the high-speed switch times of the solenoid valve and the control combination of the RS spray valve. That is, the opening and closing of the RS spray valve is controlled through the solenoid valve switch and pneumatic transmission, and the control of the spray volume is realized by a variety of control combinations on the spray quantity of the RS spray valve.



-The RS spray valve baffle is easy to disassemble

-Large choice of RS spray valve

-Used in different rolling conditions

-Not affected by coolant impurities

-Through the combined use of nozzles, different flow rates are provided for each spray area

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