Steel sleeve

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Steel sleeve is widely used in aluminum foil, aluminum plate, stainless steel foil strip and other industries foil, tape,plate rolling.Due to the high-speed rotation of the steel sleeve, the concentricity and dynamic balance of the sleeve are strictly required, which has a great impact on the qualified rate of the product and the later reprocessing. Therefore,the best production technology of the steel sleeve is centrifugal pouring.Sometimes products need to undergo heat

treatment, which puts forward higher requirements for the steel sleeve, general carbon steel such as:  ZG45, ZG55 strength is low and not resistant to high temperature deformation, the need to use such as: ZG35CrNiMo, ZG25Cr2Mo1V,35CrMo alloy steel sleeve.


1.Qualified molten steel ;

2.centrifugal casting;

3.Forming blank;


5.Tempering ;

6.Rough machining and tempering;

7.Finishing inner hole ;

8.Inner hole as the benchmark processing end face,

cone surface and outer circle inspection ;

9.Mark one issue certificate;

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