Roller Shell

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The Casting Roller is the key component of rolling machine.The qualified rollers need marvelous mechanical properties and heat transfer performance.

Roller shell for aluminium casting and rolling machine works under serious circumstances. The temperature on the surface layer of shell changes periodically from 30˚C to 650˚C, which results in periodical thermal stress. The thermal stress causes fatigue crack on the surface. During production, thermal fatigue crack occurs in a certain depth later, and service life of the shell will be longer accordingly.


Roller shell adopts material of Cr-Mo-V alloy steel, which is specially melted, forged and heat treated, and has good property of fatigue resistance. The period before thermal fatigue crack occurs in a certain depth is one time longer than normal material. Better mechanical properties of the material also improve the quality of aluminium products. Meanwhile, with continuous study of heat treatment process by our technicians, axial hardness differential of our roller shell reduces to less than 10HB. Complete quality control system and after sales service enable us to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers. For example, for our Ф960XФ800X1950 roller shell, rolling amount reaches over 15000T per pair rolls.