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Electrostatic greasing machine has four parts, including an greasing room, oil supply and heating system, high-voltage power generating system, and electric control system. The operation of the system is completed by the HMI human-machine interface. Meanwhile, its installation, operation, and maintenance are convenient. Furthermore, greasing volume can be adjusted continuously, and greasing quality is not affected by the environmental temperature or the unit working speed, thus it has reliable safety assurance.

Product Features

  • Stable and reliable quality
  • Wide adjustment range
  • High running accuracy
  • Good atomization effect
  • Small size of equipment
  • Convenient installation
  • Friendly operation
  • Precise greasing
  • Without any pollution to the environment during the production

Product Application

  • Galvanized line
  • Pickling line
  • Flattening and tension leveling line
  • Aluminum strip slitting line
  • Aluminum strip cleaning line
  • Tinning line,tank cover material line
  • The other production line.

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