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Main parameters of Melting Furnac

Melting Furnace function: for melting aluminingot ,recycling aluminum scrap, heat preservation and alloy
component adjustment.

Furnace specification: stationary circular Melti

Furnace ,capacity:15T+10%, Stationary circular Holding


Fuel:natural gas(lower calorific value ≧8400Kcal/m3)

Pressure of the Furnace:0.03-0.09MPa

Operating condition:intermittent batching work

Loading way:manual or using trolley

Furnace working temperature:normal working temperature≤1150℃, max. Working temperature 1200

Aluminum liquid temperature:normal temperature 680~720℃,max. 750℃
Melting rate:3~5t/h(varies according to raw material type)
Burner type and quantity:high temperature burner, configurating 2 burners for the Melting Furnace and 1
burner for the Holding Furnace, these burners are in
tangential arrangement. Max.combustion ability:Melting Furnace 3200000 Kcal/h, Holding Furnace1600000/h. Air preheating temperature:<300℃
Temperature control way: automatic measurement of
Furnace, manual measurement of aluminum liquid. Combustion air fan: 2 high pressure centrifugal fan, motor
Energy-consumption index: Melting Furnace 75-90 cubic/t , Holding Furnace 18 cubic/t
Aluminum loss:100% aluminum ingot, the loss rate ≤1%

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