///Electrical system for Irreversible Aluminium Cold Rolling Mill

Electrical system for Irreversible Aluminium Cold Rolling Mill

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Power supply

AC 10KV,50HZ,3 phase

AC380V,50HZ,3 phase

Note: The power supply voltage fluctuation is required to be no more than ±10%, and the frequency is 50HZ±1HZ24-2

AC Motor Control Center (MCC), including:

—Incoming cabinet from user power transformer

—AC motor (group) feeder

—Auxiliary system power

The AC motor control center adopts centralized control mode, which has

compact structure and reliable performance. The AC motor control center is used to complete the power distribution and control functions of the auxiliary process equipment of the rolling mill. Including hydraulic general operating system, thin oil lubrication station, process lubrication station, pressing system, ventilation system, smoke exhaust system, PLC power supply, thickness control system, other auxiliary power supply (such as plate filter, automatic fire extinguishing system power supply) and backup power supply Wait.

DC drive system

The DC drive system selects the 6RA70 speed regulator produced by SIEMENS.

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