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power supply

 AC 10KV, 50HZ. 3 phase

AC 380V, 50HZ. 3 phase

(Note: The quality of the power supply provided by the user is required to comply with the regulations of the power sector in my country, the power supply voltage fluctuation is not more than ±10%, and the frequency is 50HZ±1AZ)

 AC Motor Control Center (MCC)

Including:Incoming cabinet from user power transformer, AC motor (group) feeder, auxiliary system power supply

The motor control loop and power control loop of the AC motor control center are centrally controlled, with compact structure and reliable performance

Low-voltage power supply and distribution system: complete the power distribution and control functions of the auxiliary process equipment of the rolling mill. Including hydraulic general operating system, decoiler centering station, thin oil lubrication station, process lubrication station, DC motor forced cooling fan, pressing system, PLC power supply, thickness control system, other auxiliary power supplies, (such as plate filter, automatic fire extinguishing System power) and standby power, etc.

DC drive system

 The DC drive system adopts the original all-digital DC speed control device produced by ABB Company, and its high-performance speed and torque control meet the requirements of fast response and control accuracy. The self-tuning function of armature current and field current link can simplify the debugging steps.

Since the main drive shaft of the rolling mill works with two motors in series, the drive system uses a master-slave control mode. That is to say, the two motors are set as master and slave respectively. When the two motors are working, both the master and the slave are put into operation, and the slave receives the torque current signal of the master and puts it into operation, following the speed closed-loop control of the master. The load distribution of the master and slave is even, which can maximize the power of the master and slave motors.

The uncoiling/coiling drive is mainly in torque control mode, which controls the magnetic flux or armature current of the motor according to the actual detection of the coil diameter to achieve constant tension control. The roll diameter of unwinding and winding can also be calculated by the speed of the deflector roller at the entrance and exit and the speed of unwinding and winding.

PLC control system

 PLC main CPU board and I/O template, using Siemens S7-400 system, more powerful network capabilities, more abundant instructions and other advantages


  • Train master CPU
  • Remote substation
  • Analog I/O

Installed on the main control console and remote I/O device on the entrance side console


  • Engineer Workstation
  • touch screen
  • PROFIBUS—DP, PROFINET communication

The S7-400 system produced by Siemens is adopted. S7-400 structure system is a technologically advanced control platform, which integrates multiple control functions: sequence control, motion control, transmission and process control, etc. The system mainly has the following characteristics:

The control cabinet of the main electrical room is equipped with a main PLC station, and a remote I/O sub-station is set in the entrance and exit consoles respectively, and a visual operation terminal is provided in the exit main console.

The main station PLC is mainly used for the operation and protection of the transmission system, the part of the operating system (except the system signal collected by the slave station) signal collection, protection and control, and the data exchange and communication with the visual operation terminal.

The remote I/O station is mainly used to collect on-site operation instructions and process equipment operation instructions and protection, control signal display and other instruction signals.


  • System operation


  • Selection of working mode: three operation modes of rolling/stop/jogging are set for the main machine, uncoiling and coiling.


  • Rolling mill closing, starting and acceleration and deceleration control.


  • The tension of the coiler and the initial coil diameter are given.


  • Motor working selection: single and double motor working selection for controlling unwinding and winding.


  • Roll change control: designed according to specific process requirements.


Operational control of auxiliary process equipment: design according to specific process requirements.


  • System display


  • The alarm display of the operating system is completed by the visual operation terminal set on the main operation console, which is divided into light faults and heavy faults, and different sound alarms for rolling mill faults and fire alarms.


Value display-including rolling speed, start-up/uncoiling/coiling armature current, uncoiling/coiling diameter, etc.


  • Engineer Workstation
  • It is used for communication configuration and program downloading of PLC system, program debugging, daily maintenance and fault finding, rolling mill status, display of various analog quantities of the system, etc.


  • Main control console
  • Entry side console
  • Entry side coil car operation box
  • Export side coil operation box
  • Monitoring console
  • Local control button box

Remote diagnosis unit

Using the Internet of Things technology to equip the system with a remote diagnostic unit, so that service engineers can maintain and troubleshoot the equipment in any place with the Internet in the world.

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