Degassing filtration system

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aluminum-water refining degassing is used to  remove gases (mainly hydrogen) and oxides  (aluminum slag) from aluminum water.The device is suitable for refining and treating  aluminium water in crucible, molten pool, ladle and flow tank.


The graphite rotor is immersed in crucible (or ladle) aluminum water to rotate, and at the same time, the inert high-purity nitrogen (or argon) and the refining agent are introduced into the aluminum water. The aluminum water rotates with the inert gas and the refining agent in the graphite rotor to some degree to achieve the purpose of degassing, slag, refining aluminum water.

Characteristics of the equipment

  • More efficient removal of gases (mainly hydrogen) and oxides from aluminum water.It has the advantages of gas refining and flux refining.The lowest hydrogen content of aluminum alloy liquid can be reached after the rotating powder spraying process Below 0.1 ml/100 g, pinhole degree reaches level 1, density equivalent is less than 1, and the effect is stable.
  • Low metal loss.After using suitable flux for refining, the amount of scum on the surface of melt is less and looser.Seldom happens to wrap the phenomenon of metal, slag with less metal.
  • Less refining consumption, uniform feed.
  • It has fall protection mechanism, refiningmaterial level detection, gas leakage detection and other protection
  • Can complete a variety of process.With different functional fluxes, it can complete the functions of metamorphism, degassing and slag removal, and the effect is very good.
  • Rotor rotating bearings are high temperaturebearings, no need for air cooling.Spindle canwork continuously at 200℃
  • Significantly improved on-site working conditions.
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