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Shearing machines are made of two Shearing machines. According to the difffferent posiƟons of the two scissor axes and the difffferent angles between them and the sheet metal, they are divided into straight roll shears, back roll shears and oblique roll shears.

Shearing machine is mainly used in metal  smelting and processing industry, used forshearing steel plate and thin strip with longitudinal thickness of 20~30mm.

Shearing machines are usually arranged on the fifinishing line to align the longitudinal edges of moving steel plates and cut or cut into narrow strips. According to their USES, they can be divided into round shears with shear plate edges and Shearing machines with shear bands.

Scope of application

Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, titanium alloy, nickel-chromium alloy, aluminum

alloy, copper alloy

Working speed: up to 800m/min

Thickness of strip: 0.1-16mm

Machine characteristic

Machine characteristics

  1. Easy adjustment. By adjusting the position of the rear frame and locking the rear frame, the parts canbe cut into batches.
  1. The tail seat of the equipment adopts double linear guide to slide, so as to improve the processingperformance and accuracy of the equipment.
  1. Safe and reliable.The transmission parts of the machine are considered to be reliable and convenientfor maintenance, and equipped with protection to ensure personal safety

.     4.Adjustable upper  cutter .By adjusting the position of the upper cuƩer, it can adapt to the workpiece withdifffferent diameter and thickness, and the upper and lower  cutter  are active.Iv. Introduction of adjustment.

Opening adjustment: the reducer is driven by the ball screw to move the cutter box from side to side to achieve adjustment.

Adjustment of overlap: The  cutter  shaft is installed in the eccentric sleeve, and the deceleration motordrives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the worm wheel, which can change the center distance ofthe upper and lower cu shaft , so that the overlap amount of the cutter’s disk can be adjusted.

Side clearance adjustment: The deceleration motor drives the upward and downward displacement of the inclined wedge through the precision lead screw, so that the cuƩer shaft is in the axial direcƟon along  with the displacement, and the small adjustment of the cutter’s side clearance can be realized.

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