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BOSHITONG Roller press is an international development in the mid – 80 – s of new energy-saving cement grinding equipment, replace the high energy consumption, low efficiency of ball mill grinding system, and reduce the steel consumption and noise function, make the ball mill system yields by 30-50% after extrusion, the material feeding bread in 0.08 mm thin material accounts for 20-35%, less than 2 mm accounts for 65-85%, the internal structure of small particles, filled with many tiny crack because of extrusion, and greatly improve ease of grinding.The roller surface adopts hot surfacing welding, and the wear resistant layer is more convenient for maintenance.
The roller press(rolling machine) is designed according to the milling principle of the material bed, and its main features are: high pressure, full speed, full material, crushing of the material bed.
The roller press is composed of two extrusion rollers which rotate synchronously in two directions, one is fixed roller and the other is movable roller. The material is fed from the top of two rollers, and the extruded roller is continuously brought between rollers. After being subjected to the high pressure , the dense material cake is discharged from the machine. The discharge of the material cake, in addition to a certain proportion of fine products. A large number of cracks are generated in the interior of the non-finished particles, which improves the grinding property of the material and greatly reduces the grinding energy consumption in the further crushing process.
Zhong  Heavy Industry Equipment Co.,mainly providing accessories and maintenance services for cement production lines. It can provide equipment spare parts for cement production lines of various specifications, such as rotary kiln、vertical mill、roller press、ball mill、grate cooler、preheater、crusher、conveyor、dryer and fan spare parts other equipment. At the same time, it can provide equipment and accessories for overflow mills、semi-self-grinding, etc. for mine production lines, as well as drawings and processing services.