///Aluminum Coil Slitting Line

Aluminum Coil Slitting Line

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This equipment is a special cutting equipment for processing steel coils into various specifications of steel strips through precision slitting and rewinding.

It is mainly composed of uncoiler, pinching and straightening, precision slitting, tension generation, high-speed coiling and other work hosts, supplemented by feeding, buffering, side guide, transition, and conveying devices in the middle.

The running direction of the unit is-the operator faces the unit in front of the console and runs from right to left.

Process flow (can be modified according to customer needs)

Main technical parameters

Raw Material

Raw Material Aluminium coil
Thickness 0.5~4.0mm(Tensile Strength:σb:450MPa)
Width 950 ~1750mm
Outer diameter Ø508、
Inner diameter Ø900mm ~ Ø1900mm
Weight 10t


Finished Product

Thickness Do not change the thickness of the original coil
Outer diameter Ø508mm
Inner diameter ≤Ø1900mm
Weight MAX:10 t
Number of slitting strips 6~40strips(Increase or decrease according to the thickness of the plate)

4.0mm  (σb:500MPa)  6 strips (excluding 2 waste edges)

Finished width accuracy ≤±0.05mm(1.5mm thickness coil as the test standard)
Straightness (Sickle bend) Width>300mm,≤0.35mm/m
The finished product burr ≤0.05×thickness mm
Minimum strip width 40mm(According to different plate thickness, the thinner the plate, the more narrow the width can be divided)
Waste edge width range 3~15mm(Not less than 1.5 times the thickness of the coil)
The number of edge waste 2 strips
Maximum weight of waste side ≤350kg/coil
Tower of tolerance ±3.0mm(The inner part is not included)

Process flow (can be modified according to customer needs)

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