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The bearing housing

The bearing housing, also known as the capstan box, is a box part which supports and lubricates the bearing. Meanwhile, it bears the axial and radial forces generated by the equipment during operation. On devices with rotating shaft, the shaft is normally rotated by the bearing. The bearing is installed in a bearing housing which is filled with lubricant to lubricate the bearing during operation. At the same time, the shaft is subjected to various forces during operation and transmitted them to the bearing housing which carrying the forces. The bearing housing is generally made of cast iron and steel. And it is mostly used for wheel sets. The bearing housing is used in a wide range of applications. For example, roller, rolling mill bearing housing, cold rolling mill bearing housing, hot rolling mill bearing housing, aluminum foil rolling housing, etc.

Other industries: rolling strip industry, roller in metallurgical mining industry, sugar industry, bearing pedestal in paper industry, roller bearing box for chemical industry dryer, transportation industry. Among them bearing housing is used most frequently in the metallurgical industry. It is used on heavy mill housing, work roller of casting rolling mill and backup roller of casting rolling mill. The general bearing housing material is: ZG270-500, 45#, 35Crmo, 42crmo, 34crnimo. While the lightweight bearing housing can also be cut with steel sheet material. The bearing housing making processes are: 1.determine the material,2. make the material,3. heat treatment, rough machining, finish machining, inspectioand delivery. Our company utilizes CNC and quality management to complete the production, to provide customers with perfect bearing housing processing solutions. Zhengzhou Hengzhong Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd as a professional bearing box manufacturer produces a variety of bearing box, bearing box components. We look forward to cooperating with you!


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