//Cement Kiln Spare Parts Kiln Tyre

Cement Kiln Spare Parts Kiln Tyre

Rotary kiln tyre application

Rotary kiln tyre is also called rotary kiln riding ring, kiln tyre is one of the main parts of rotary kiln equipment. The kiln tyre can pass the all barrel gravity (include the gravity of refractory brick, internal device and material) to riding wheel, and make the barrel smoothly rotation on the wheel rotation, therefore the kiln tyre should have enough strength and durability.


Rotary kiln tyre advantages:
High strength and good durability
Advanced double medium quenching process
High quenching hardness
Good wear resistance
Simple structure and easy to adjust and repair
Large rotary tire for cement rotary kiln
Available in various sizes
Customized materials are accepted
Various test method: UT, PT, MT, X-Ray


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