Propulsion shafting for ocean-going Military and Commercial vessels is a critical and expensive part of the propulsion system. Wherever there is a bearing support for the shaft, centrifugally cast shaft sleeves are used to prevent wear to the shaft. Refurbishment of the shaft is simply a matter of replacing the sleeve or liner and reusing the shaft. As the world’s largest supplier of such shaft sleeves, also known as shaft liners, MetalTek produces and machines products in a wide range of sizes and materials, including Copper-Nickel, IN625, and Monel. Material selection is a function of the shaft environment, which can use water or oil for lubrication. The centrifugal manufacturing process creates products with a homogeneous grain structure, promotes even wear, and enhances performance. The use of shaft sleeves / shaft liners can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in maintenance cost over the vessel’s life.


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