/Cement roller
  • Rollers are mainly used in rotary kiln/dryer/cooler and rotary device. Usually there are two or three sets of rollers in a rotary kiln. When three sets of rollers are used, there will be a set of rollers with thrust rollers.The total weight of the roller bearing device is made of high quality cast steel and rolls through the axis of the roller center.
  •   Rotary kiln is the main machine in cement production, commonly known as the "heart" of cement factory, and large roller is the key part of rotary kiln and cylinder mixer of cement production equipment.Only roller surface quenching and form high hardness, but not enough to meet the performance requirements
  • The roll collar is the part of the section roll that is between or outside the groove on the roll body. The end roller ring at both ends of the roller body can prevent the scale from falling into the bearing; The middle roller ring between the adjacent two passes is mainly used to separate the passes and bear the lateral pressure.
  • A set of rolling bearings in which the two bearing structures are combined simultaneously. Such as needle roller and thrust cylindrical roller combined bearing, needle roller and thrust ball combined bearing, needle roller and angular contact ball combined bearing.